Month: October 2018

  • Understanding Wrist Watches – A to Z Guides about Watches

    It is necessary to understand some basic workings of what we possess be it car, smartphone, cool gadgets and now wrist watches. The same knowledge of how things work helps car owners to quickly detect when their tyre is somewhat deflected. Same thing tells a smartphone user to quickly check network settings whenever their device […]

  • Comprehensive Watch Maintenance Guide to increase Watch Life Span

    Whether you have Rolex, Omega, Citizen, NaviForce, Weide, Winners, Aboki Chinese watches in your collection, this article shares a common thing to everyone – Maintenance. You will learn the comprehensive watch maintenance guide to increase your watch life span regardless of its mechanism. It is true that the durability or life span of a watch […]

  • The Dressing Secrets without Affecting your Income

    To dress good doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to save their two months salary in order to level up their dressing style. The cliché, fashion is luxury, has put more pressure on men over their lifestyle to deciding how much money they spend. Because they want to present themselves with the fashion trend in […]