Month: November 2018

  • Is wearing Broken Wrist Watches Fashionable or Inappropriate?

    So many attentions have been raised on wearing broken wrist watches. Certain group has acknowledged the practice as fashionable because they see it as normal jewelry men wear just like bracelets while other group has flagged it inappropriate because they see it as giving wrong impressions of one’s personality. Broken wrist watches in this context […]

  • Best Reasons to Wear Wrist Watches over Mobile Phone’s Time

    According to Jeanette Walls, “Unlike Diamonds, Watches were practical. They were either for people on the run, people with appointments and schedules to meet”. As Millennial, there has been an obvious shift from timekeeping of watches to other reasons why one should wear wrist watches. Of course there’s now mobile phones, smartphones, LED clock and […]