Join Viogle Affiliate Program – Pre-requisites

One of our core value is satisfaction. As our customer or someone who has had interest in our product, we at Viogle would want you to benefit from us as well. That’s why we launched our affiliate program to help you benefit from sales of our products.

Most of our customers come from advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Audience network. We spend money per customer that either visits or buys on our store. We strive so hard to serve our customers better through the quality of products we sell, customer care responsiveness and faster delivery.

As a part of it, we want to measure the feedback from our customers through our affiliate program. A positive testimonials from our customers will urge their family & friends ask where the product (watch, necklace, bracelets, eyeglass) was bought. Instead of your friends buying from your referrals while you’re not paid for the commission, we have concluded that it is better of to reward you from amount of money either your family or friends spend on our store.

Other things you need to know about our Affiliate Program

We pay 7% commission to anyone that refers their friends to buy any of our products. The commission is marked on all our products ranging from the least price to the highest price products. This means that if someone you brought buys an item worth ₦7000 on our store, you earn ₦490 and if they buy items worth up to ₦15000, you earn ₦1050. The more people that buys through you, the more money you make.

This is why we pay you back per number of items you sell.

If we pay Facebook or Instagram ₦400 in order to sell ₦7000 to a single customer, then we can actually pay you 7% commission when your friend buys from you either using your affiliate code or link. We pay you even more when your referral buys more expensive items rather than paying for one item.

What we mean is, if your friend buys ₦25,000 products which could be a single or combination of products from us, we pay you back 7% of ₦25000 which is ₦1750 as a reward for doing the same job Facebook and Instagram do.

How do I redeem my affiliate earnings?

We pay your earnings anytime you requested the payment. We have to prepare your payment which takes less than 24 hours as long as it is within Monday to Friday within working hours, 9am – 6am.

We pay either in mobile banking transfer or as a shopping voucher to be used on our store. Your affiliate earnings will be added immediately the order is completed. If your friend cancelled the order or placed a refund, then your earning for that particular order will be taken off. That means you have lost the earnings.

Here’s how Viogle Affiliate Program works:

Follow the steps on this page to correctly register for affiliate program

  1. Submit your information on the affiliate program page. [ARForms_popup id=100 desc=’Click here to register for Viogle Affiliate program’ type=’link’ width=’800′ modaleffect=’fade_in’ is_fullscreen=’no’ overlay=’0.6′ is_close_link=’yes’ modal_bgcolor=’#252525′]
  2. We will send your affiliate details to your email and phone number to you
  3. You can now login to your affiliate dashboard to track your earnings.

To request for affiliate earnings, inquiry, send us an email at affiliate@viogle.com or call/WhatsApp 08025804122.

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