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Expensive Luxury Watches vs Affordable Luxury Watches

It is natural that everyone loves to feel the luxury of any fashionable stuff they have or wishes to have. Sometimes wearing items that are considered luxury build levels of confidence in the way we walk, approach people, flaunt our body and numerous things like that. These are really good.

Personally, I am the type that loves T Shirts and trousers. That means I am preferably with casual and sports wrist watches. But recently, I added Tevise Royce Automatic to my wrist watch collection because there’s a need for that.

I went to the bank few days ago, the first person that complimented my watch was the security man. He said “Oga, this your watch na machine” and I smiled added with “Thank you”. It didn’t stop there! It boosted my confidence to flaunt it more at the customer care and other customers on queue. And I felt myself real good.

So what? This is one of the reasons most people want to possess luxury items – which could be watches, clothings and foot wears. They want people to admire them. Luxury items don’t really mean what you already know as expensive brands as Rolex, Jacobs & Co, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Hublot, Breitling then Gucci, Fendi, Fila etc.

Indeed, not all watches are equally crafted. Luxury watches are born from impressive craftsmanship, aesthetic style, brand prestige, year founded and something that provide functions for years to come. They are more than simple watches. They create celebrity persona when they are worn.

Expensive Luxury watches

When I say Luxury items don’t really mean what you already know as expensive brands, I mean that there are other affordable ways to legitimately perceive luxury lifestyles in wrist watches. Legitimately in the sense that you don’t have to fall too cheap for branded replicas which we will discuss in our future posts.

There are tons of affordable luxury watches to add to your collection which will provide both aesthetic styles and functions without fear of tearing apart. You don’t need to worry about expensive luxury wrist watches like Rolex and Hublot. There are smaller unpopular brands that offer great values for luxury wrist watches.

Do you know why luxury watches like Rolex, Tag Heuer are stupendously expensive? There are a lot of good reasons why these popular expensive watch brands are expensive. Some of them are;

  1. They use expensive watch materials. The commonest watch material is 316L stainless steel. It is obvious that 316L stainless steel is durable, anti-corrosive and expensive but these popular luxury watches use nothing less than 317L to 904L stainless steel which is way better. In addition, they use sapphire crystal which expensive than mineral glass and the cheapest acrylic mirror. Also, the swiss movement is another great reason.
  2. Almost expensive watches are manually crafted in fewer quantities years unlike mass produced wrist watches. In essence, it takes different levels of craftsmanship during movement assembling. This means that more than 5 different professional watch makers work on a single watch during production. That’s why their finishing is always superb.
  3. Rolex, Hublot, Jacobs & Co, Tag Heuer etc. have their own sponsorship & brand ambassadors. Their levels of marketing require good amount of money. This now create a celerity feeling buzz around the brands.

They are worth every popularity around their products adding to every details in their watch materials, craftsmanship and marketing.

Affordable Luxury watches

Now, when we talk about affordable luxury watches, they are better alternative to luxury expensive. The cheapest Rolex watch is Oyster Date – $2,600 which is about ₦938,600; the lowest Hublot is Classic Fusion – retails for $4,200 (₦1,516,200); cheapest Patek Philippe is Golden Ellipse 4226R – $5,200, you can do the math.

Why am I showing these figures? Average rich Nigerian may not lavish ₦1M just to acquire a single wrist watch. What they may consider luxury can be something from ₦20,000 which is a big money. So, when you cannot lavish 6 figures on a jewelry, the most affordable way is the alternatives.

Years back, Blackberry RIM, Samsung and iPhones were too far to be fetched by average Nigerians that needed the feel of smartphones and good camera. What broke the jinx? Tecno phone! It never meant that using Tecno phones was the dumbest thing one could think of but it paved the way for smartphone enthusiasts. Even till now, Tecno has dominated entire Nigeria with Infinix and iTel.

What are we saying? Affordable luxury wrist watches are the better ways to go trendy without affecting one’s salary. Our Luxury Automatic watch, Tevise Royce and Tevise Batman are less than ₦20,000 sales price. They are Rolex Datejust and Submariner homage watches – they are neither copy nor replicas. They are crafted by licenced watch company, Tevise.

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Why are they way too affordable?

  1. They use affordable yet good watch materials. Sometimes they range from Japan Miyota Movements, 316L stainless steel, Alloy metals, Mineral/hardless glass, Genuine/PU leather (synthetic leather).
  2. These watch materials are affordable because they are sourced in Asia which is the dominant affordable wrist watch manufacturing centers.
  3. Mass production as a result of variants of original design manufacturer (ODM). These watch materials are already for sales – case, movements, watch bands. That’s why you see same watch designs with different brand names. Most watch companies only assemble these watch components from ODM companies.
  4. The Asian labour is sometimes cheaper than Swiss.
  5. There is no special sponsorship and marketing apart from Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao and native wholesale model. These online marketplace provide the best avenue and the right customers to sell their products.

It all depends on your lifestyle tastes. Cheap watches that are sold at range ₦500 – ₦2000 may not give you the best luxury experience even when they are labelled Rolex, Patek Philippe or Police. They are just cheap as replicas. Someone once asked me “I bought a Rolex watch at Ikeja bridge and I want to sell it” and I lost words to say.

Never settle for less. Good things are worth the spend. An economist says “The best way to save money is by buying the best”. You don’t have to worry about it every 2 months. You can shop our range of Luxury yet affordable watches from our store here

We hope you found this article helpful. Shoot us some questions or personal contributions, we would be happy to see them. Don’t forget to share to your best friends on social media.

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