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Reasons why Men may prefer Wrist Watches to Shoes

Wrist watch is one of the few jewelries men wear aside necklace, hand bracelets and rings. But there are few reasons for its major relevance over other jewelries when it comes to men’s fashion and styles.

Now, comparing wrist watches to shoes in terms of which one has greater influence on men’s fashion and styles, we now see that both have their unique styles on fashion.

To most people, shoes are most important to any outfit. It is true that shoes have a great influence and importance on how an entire outfit is ultimately perceived.

That gave rise to the saying that “A man’s personality is known by the shoes he wears”. That’s really true!

On the other hand, watches were for people on the run, schedules or appointments to keep. I think this initial perception of wrist watches (as timekeepers) was what gave the entire influence of fashion and styles only on shoes.

But the mindset has shifted from wrist watches being timekeepers to complementary fashionable accessories not only to men but to all genders. The uniqueness in this revolution is in the contexts wrist watches are worn.

As different shoes are worn in different occasions, same thing happens in wrist watches. There are watches for people on the run & swimming (sports watches), formal occasions (business, work & dress watches), casual watches and fashion watches.

There are still more perceived values wrist watches may have over shoes. I have outlined some events where wrist watches can steal the show

Events where men will prefer wrist watches to shoes

1. Watch Packaging

luxury watch box packaging viogle
Tevise Watch Box

The packaging and boxing is what makes men love wrist watches. It is a jewelry. When it comes to luxury packaging, jewelries of which wrist watches have the best admiring packaging.

Luxury brands like Apple, Hublot, Rolex, Jacobs & Co have the most type of boxing or casing that gives their customer high perceived value of what they bought.

I have seen people that were gifted wrist watches including our customers flaunt their watch boxes. This gives them the impression of possession. When it comes to shoes, one would only have the eagerness to show off their shoes only if was branded shoes unlike in wrist watches.

2. Confidence

viogle watch blog guide
Young man poses with watch

There is a more emotional difference between footwear and jewelry. Footwears are necessary for any outfit be it shoes, sandals or slippers whereas jewelry is optional. But that doesn’t conclude the unimportance of wearing a jewelry.

Pretty women still wear makeup not because they don’t understand how beautiful they already are but they want to be confident with how they look. That’s among many things wrist watches do.

From the image above, we have no idea the type of footwear the young man is wearing because he intended not to let us know. We could only see the T Shirt and wrist watch.

Without someone telling us the idea behind the image, we can smartly assume that he felt confident about his wrist watch.

I have done selfies with my wrist watches and I have also seen lot of pictures on social media platforms with flaunting wrists. On a sincere note, I may have come across someone showing off his/her shoes on social media.

This should tell you whether it is shoes or wrist watches that have greater influence on personality.

3. Attention

wrist watch confidence
Gentleman rolls up sleeve

I recently gave a clothing material to my tailor. I told him to make the sleeve a bit free before the end of the forearm. That I want my watch to rest on my wrist and not to be covered with the sleeve even if I would use cufflinks.

I was bothered because I would want to make people see my wrist watch. That is the attention I want. The most impressions come from the face to the feet.

What I mean is, we admire the other person from their face down to their chest to their wrist then to the feet.

We are more comfortable to make people notice us in public places. If I were in a meeting or restaurant, the most concentration will be on the top.

It would be odd for someone trying to bend down the table to see what shoe one is wearing. Wrist watches are always in a better position to play to the gallery than shoes.

In addition, wrist watches are more giftable items than footwears. They have very special treatment and also tend to be fashion friendly. Most people still wear watches that are no longer working only because they found it fashionable.

This article has no negative assertion that wrist watches are better than shoes. I wrote this article to suggest a buying or gifting option when shopping fashion accessories.

You might be interested to check our popular wrist watches below.

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