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  • Water Resistance in Wrist Watches – Complete Watch Guide

    Before you take that new watch to a pool or bathroom just because you felt it is water resistant, you should stop it right now. In watches, water resistance is an indication on how well a watch is sealed to withstand water entering the watch which is usually accompanied by a numeric unit – ATM, […]

  • Characteristics of a Good Wrist Watch – Things to know

    To some people, a good wrist watch is characterized by its physical appeal – that’s how shining the case together with the dial and strap appear to look. And to many, they believe that a good wrist watch has to do with how much it really costs. There’s a school of thought or rather a […]

  • Wrist Watch Buying Guides – Things to consider when buying Watches

    Please before you proceed reading this article, I would recommend you take a look at our earlier watch guide on A to Z Guides about Watches. You will learn a lot from understanding basic knowledge about watches and their components. In this article, you will learn some wrist watch buying guides before you head over […]