Comprehensive Watch Maintenance Guide to increase Watch Life Span

Whether you have Rolex, Omega, Citizen, NaviForce, Weide, Winners, Aboki Chinese watches in your collection, this article shares a common thing to everyone – Maintenance. You will learn the comprehensive watch maintenance guide to increase your watch life span regardless of its mechanism.

It is true that the durability or life span of a watch has a greater dependence on its movement and battery. But one thing still holds true – which is carefulness. It takes maintenance to carefully put one’s watch into a balance and that’s what we have shared in this post as you read along.

Watch Maintenance Guide

1. Wear on dry wrist.

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For metal bracelets and leather band, always consider wearing watches on dry wrists. Avoid wearing watches on wet wrist which can be from perspiration, heavy creams in order to reduce metal corrosion in the case of metal bracelets and building moist on leather strap (especially synthetic leather strap) which eventually fade away.

The best practice is making sure that the wrist is dry enough before wearing your watch. In the case of perspiration, use handkerchief to clean your wrist if you’re going to stay longer wearing your watch. If you apply heavy cream on the wrist, learn to control the volume and the time of application before wearing your watch. You can as well use handkerchief to clean the area of your wrist.

2. Clean watch after use.

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Another way to control moist on your watches is using a cleaning cloth. Cleaning cloth can be used before wearing the watch to wipe off dusts and after wearing the watch to wipe off accumulated moist from the wrist. We offer free quality watch cleaning cloth anytime customers buy from our store. Keeping dusts away from your watch surface reduces the danger of dirt entering your watch.

For intense cleaning, use the cleaning cloth to wipe off dust first before wetting it. If your watch is water resistant, slightly wet the cleaning cloth (don’t soak water on it), then clean the glass first before proceeding from the outer case to back cover(battery side). If your watch is not water resistant, for benefit of staying safe – do not wet the cleaning cloth. Please do not use wet cloth on your metal bracelet or leather strap.

3. Keep away from Magnetic field and dusty environment.

Magnetic field is a worse implication to watch mechanism. Magnetic field is felt on any electromagnetic material like phones, speakers, refrigerator etc. To further understand the term, magnetic field, it is the force that makes two magnetic poles to either attract or repel each other.

The better practice is either keeping your watch in the watch box or buying a larger watch box if you have more than one watch. That is why we give free watch boxes plus cleaning cloth as you buy from our catalog. If you can’t afford larger watch box, you can keep your watches inside a free box. It could be your clothing box (Ecolac bag).

Avoid placing your watch alongside your smartphone, speaker, refrigerator and any other magnetic substance to avoid shattering the movement.

4. Promptly replace the battery.

Replacing watch battery

Replace the battery as soon as you notice inaccuracy and drop on the ticking/sweeping movements. Delay can put your watch at risk of damage to the internal working of your watch as a result of battery leaking.

5. For Automatic watches, wear at least daily.

Unlike Mechanical watches that require several rounds of winding before the hands start sweeping, Automatic watches are self winding watches. In order to maintain the self winding mechanism of Automatic watches, you need to at least wear them daily depending on their power reserve.

Wearing them regularly increases the chance of its accuracy and self winding ability. If they are not worn daily, you can wind them twice in a week. If you wish to buy Automatic watch, it should be your regular watch to save you energy from daily winding as in Mechanical watches.

6. Be gentle when pulling the crown

To wind the crown, be careful not to force the crown out. Most watches have two step crown pull while others have screw pattern. The first pull sets the date while the second step adjusts the time. So, be gentle when pulling the crown to avoid damaging its mechanism.

Other watch maintenance guide include;

For Mechanical watches, be careful in which direction works for a particular watch model. Sometimes winding the crown clockwise is different from winding it anti-clockwise and both have effect on the watch. If the crown becomes stiff, release your finger and stop winding.

Avoid adjusting your time from 9am – 3pm can damage the movement gears.

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