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Water Resistance in Wrist Watches – Complete Watch Guide

Before you take that new watch to a pool or bathroom just because you felt it is water resistant, you should stop it right now. In watches, water resistance is an indication on how well a watch is sealed to withstand water entering the watch which is usually accompanied by a numeric unit – ATM, bar, feet or meters.

A watch stamped with water resistant does not mean you should swim or shower with your watch. This shows that your watch can endure a bit of water splashes either from washing your hands or being caught in the rain.

water resistant water resistance

Source : Casio

If your new watch says 3 ATM Water Resistant at the back case, it means that it has 30 meters or 100 feet water resistance. It does not mean that the watch was designed for repeated long-term use in such depths. Most watches we have on sale are 3 ATM.

3 ATM water resistance can only be for daily life use such as splash and rain but not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkeling, water related work and fishing. A watch designed to withstand diving in water/pool at depths of at least 100m and possessing a system to control the time.

If you buy a wrist watch that is less than ₦5000, the possibility of water resistance is poor. Even if you’re confident about the water resistant, it is not advisable to shower with your watch. Soaps can wear off the plating on your watch. Now, adding the effect when you finally expose your watch to the deadly water will be terrible.

Water Resistant Precautions in Wrist Watches

  1. Do not put a water resistant watch in water while the crown is pulled out.
  2. The water resistance of a watch is not permanently guaranteed. It is affected by ageing of gaskets or deformation of watch parts due to an accidental shock. We recommend that you check the water resistance of your watch regularly to ensure its functionality.
  3. To preserve its water resistance as long as possible, wipe off moisture, sweat or dirt with a soft, dry cloth after it from your wrist.
  4. For leather strap, applying some leather oil on the surface of the leather is a good way to protect it. It is best to avoid wearing a leather strap watch while performing water related everyday activity. If the strap gets wet, gently rubbing it with a small dry cloth immediately. Also, place your leather strap watch in a well ventilated room to allow the strap to stay dry before putting it back in its box.
  5. The waterproof sealing ring is designed to prevent water and dust from entering the watch. It would be better to replace it every two or three years.
  6. Even if a watch is water resistant, avoid placing it directly under running water from a faucet. The water pressure from a faucet is sufficient to result in moisture penetration inside the watch.

Always make sure that the crown is properly pushed in to ensure that the gasket is sealed. Exposing your leather watch to water or moisture especially during rain shower is highly not recommended. The more your leather strap is exposed to moisture, humidity and light, the more it accumulates to deteriorate and finally damages.

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