Best Reasons to Wear Wrist Watches over Mobile Phone’s Time

According to Jeanette Walls, “Unlike Diamonds, Watches were practical. They were either for people on the run, people with appointments and schedules to meet”.

As Millennial, there has been an obvious shift from timekeeping of watches to other reasons why one should wear wrist watches.

Of course there’s now mobile phones, smartphones, LED clock and smart watches. They all perform the same function wrist watches do.

One major difference between wearing wrist watches over our smartphone’s time is the unique design of wrist watch which you will learn as you read along.

Everything is considerably a choice. Wearing a wrist watch over phone time is like choosing what best way to read books either by the hard copy or soft copy version of it.

Both methods work differently for many people but I would rather have a solid hard copy book, reading them and noting every line than a digital copy.

We are not going to discern negatively on what works for you but this article would be a better reason why one may consider wearing wrist watches instead of substituting them with mobile phones.

Why wear Wrist Watches even when you have correct time on your Smartphone?

  1. Simplicity
  2. Convenience
  3. Single Purpose
  4. Special Purpose
  5. Completeness
  6. Self definition.

1. Simplicity and Convenience

wear wrist watches over phone
A quick glance at the wrist while on the go / Source – Pixabay

Wrist watches are simple in the way they are worn everyday. It doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to have your watch on your wrist even if someone is damn slow.

Wearing them is very comfortable since they don’t discomfort nor need to be readjusted anytime their attention is needed.

On the other hand, wrist watches are more convenient than using mobile phones to keep time.

What it takes to check time on the wrist is either bending one’s neck a little down or raising one’s hand to the chest level for at most 10 seconds.

Unlike mobile phones which are usually either in the pocket or handbag for women, checking time is way more stressful.

To check time, one has to delve into one’s pocket or handbag for their phone. Sometimes the mobile phone could stuck in one’s pocket especially in a tight corner as in public transport.

The convenience wearing wrist watch ushers is quite incomparable to sticking with mobile phone. How do you check time in a sunny day for most people that use minimal screen brightness?

The stress can’t be overlooked. What about having to be in an uncomfortable raining environment? Watches simply do the magic for us.

2. Single Purpose

wear wrist watches over phone
Timekeeping with a smartphone

The simplest nature of wearing wrist watches is to keep time. Aside from keeping track of time, other complications found in wrist watches are just features.

These features are optional in watches, so you don’t expect complications in every watch as they crafted for some special purposes.

It doesn’t take me more than 10 seconds to check time unlike what happens with mobile phone users. It only takes a single gaze at my wrist watch.

But in mobile phones, one could be distracted with unread notifications either from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram.

It could extend to responding to these notifications which can take up to 10 minutes. That’s more than a mere distraction.

3. Special Purpose

special purpose wrist watches
Divers have a special wrist watch under water / Source – Pixabay

Did you know that wrist watches are specially crafted for unique special purposes?

Watches have different categories and each category defines occasions where and when to be worn.

There are watches for dressing, casual, fashion, sports (racing, divers), adventurer’s watch for mountain climbers, forest explorers etc.

When you look closely at these, mobile phones, smartphones have no slot to fit in.

Checking time could be at any occasion and not particularly relying on one’s mobile phone.

This is more reason why we wear wrist watches to embrace every occasion.

4. Completeness and Self definition

dressing secrets without affecting your income
The next glance would be on your left wrist

We earlier published an article on the dressing secrets without affecting one’s income. Being in a nice dress and shoes without having a wrist watch to complement the style is incomplete.

Wrist watches send the signal of completeness to you and anyone that comes your way.

If someone could see your nice shirt, trouser and a pair of solid shoe, the next glance would be on your left wrist. What are they looking for? Wrist watch of course!

Pretty women still wear makeup not because they don’t understand how beautiful they already are but they want to complement their beauty in a way that boosts their confidence and get them as much compliments.

Someone would say “You can tell everything about a man by his watch and how clean his shoes are”.

Another would say “A man is judged by a man’s suit, shoe and the watch he wears”. I also heard someone say “Real men wear watches while Millennial use smartphones.

Are they really correct? If I could answer the question without emotional attachments then they are right. Wrist watch is one major dressing accessory that men wear.

Most people have deep connection with their wrist watches whenever they wear them. Some would feel incomplete whenever they are yet to wear wrist watches.

The touch and the way men check time with their wrist watches make them feel much more masculine and in charge than fumbling around with the phone.

The secret is derived from the self confidence in wearing good watches. Some people don’t only wear watches for timekeeping sake, they crave for the craftsmanship in watches.

Wrist watches are typically man’s jewelry. It reflects both his personality and style.

It adds some dimensions to one’s appearance in a more professional classic way.

It captures one’s attention so fast which is the main reason one often gets compliments from people and one can tell with their looks on your wrist.

Conclusion – Wrist watches vs Mobile phone?

Wearing wrist watch is good way of keeping time in a more professional setting.

When one is out in a formal meeting, fumbling your pocket to bring out one’s smartphone to check time can be ridiculous and distracting.

When in an interview and you were asked to tell the current time depending on what brings the case, wrist watches would embrace that moment.

Assuming you’re in a formal dinner with one’s boss, I would prefer to keep my phone out of sight as much as possible.

It is more formal practice than littering one’s phone on the dinner table or messing your clothes with your already messed fingers.

When it is time to check time, politely refer to your wrist. It adds more courtesy on your behalf.

From what I have shared in this post, my question to you is “What reason would you wear wrist watches? Check our Men’s watch category to find a perfect fit for yourself at a low price.

We hope you found this article helpful. Shoot us some questions or personal contributions, we would be happy to see them.

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