Watch Education – Recommended ways to wear a wristwatch

Most time, styles could be formed from one’s perception or opinion of what they think that work for them. Everyone’s opinion is correct for them because that’s what works for them.

There are no perfect ways to wear wristwatch but there are conventions on how to go about wearing wristwatches. I have outlined them below

  • How watches are worn – either loose or tight
  • Where watches are worn – either above the wrist bone, on the wrist bone or below the wrist bone and
  • Which arm to wear a wristwatch

How watches are worn – either loose or tight?

How to wear wristwatch
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When it comes to how well one’s watch fit on one’s wrist, it is always a matter of comfort. But most importantly, one should make sure that the watch fits properly on one’s wrist.

If your watch is always too tight on your wrist, you would always see some imprints on your wrist.

The imprints indicate partial dehydration. This is more serious with leather watches that are too tight on the wrist.

The marks on your wrist simply indicate that there was a lack of air between your wrist and the watch.

This would be a bad practice when you continue wearing wristwatches that are too tight on your wrist because it might interrupt the normal flow of blood on your wrist.

On the other hand, if your watch is too loose on your wrist, it dangles around your wrist. Some men found this very comfortable because in their opinion it makes them feel more manly. To me, I see it very distracting as it will slide up and down one’s wrist.

This is most typical with Agberos. They wear heavy oversized chain watch dangling on their wrists. Most people will see very loosed chain wristwatch as fake or cheap watch because of how unrelaxed it is on one’s wrist.

The recommendable wrist sizing is that your watch should be loose enough that it slides around just a bit on your wrist.

If you find that your watch is either too big or too small, you can take it to a local watchmaker(aboki)to either remove or add links to give your watch the proper fit.

A common wrist sizing test is putting your finger between your watch and wrist. If only one finger could pass in between your wrist and the watch, then it is the best fit.

If more than one fingers pass between your wrist or a finger could not pass between your wrist and the watch, then you need to resize the strap.

Where watches are worn – either above the wrist bone, on the wrist bone or below the wrist bone?

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Most watch enthusiasts would say that the best way to wear a wristwatch is above the wrist bone. Just like I earlier pointed out that is about one’s opinion and they think is comfortable for them.

Some people would love their trousers to stay above their ankle while some would like their trousers to be either on the ankle or below the ankle.

The same thing works with wearing wristwatches. A wristwatch could be worn above the wrist bone, on the wrist bone or below the wrist bone. It is about choice and preference.

For me, I wear my watches on two occasions. I wear my sports watches above wrist bone because I feel very comfortable on it. These sports watches are mostly rubber straps which do not stay longer on my wrist.

For business dress watches, I like to wear them on the wrist bone. Everything stays firmly on my wrist, neither too loose nor too tight.

When your watch is too loose, it dangles your wrist whenever your hand is raised up. This sometimes causes some disturbance on the bracelet.

It starts to show scratches because they hit each other whenever your arm is in motion. Also, if your watch is worn below the bone, the crown causes some discomfort on one’s palm.

Which arm to wear a wristwatch?

wear watch left hand or right hand
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Wear your watch on which arm you think is comfortable for you. Most people find it inappropriate with people that wear watches on their right hand.

Watches are crafted in a formal way that they should be worn on the left hand. Here, the crown and chronograph buttons if available are situated to favour right-handed persons.

It would be easier for a right-handed person to set his or her time with the right hand than a left-handed person to set his or time with their left hand.

wear watch left hand right hand
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It is more formal to have one’s watch on the left wrist while they use the right hand to perform tasks like writing and typing. One can comfortably glance on his or her left wrist to check the time.

It has been designed to wear a wristwatch on the left arm. Whichever way that works comfortably for you, just go with it as long as you are cool with it.

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