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Is wearing Broken Wrist Watches Fashionable or Inappropriate?

So many attentions have been raised on wearing broken wrist watches. Certain group has acknowledged the practice as fashionable because they see it as normal jewelry men wear just like bracelets while other group has flagged it inappropriate because they see it as giving wrong impressions of one’s personality.

Broken wrist watches in this context are watches that don’t really work or no longer running. It is either their movement is dead or the battery no longer work. Most wearable broken wrist watches are those of metal bracelets. I earlier shared an article on Reasons to Wear Wrist Watches over Mobile Phone’s Time. In this case, people no longer wear watches for timekeeping sake – they want to complement how they look with metal steel on their wrist.

One of the reasons why people wear broken wrist watches is simply because of the impression metal bracelets give. Out of 10 wrist watches you come across, at least 4 of them are not running. It is not a fact but it is likely to be true based on my own personal experience.

Wrist watches are fashionable but is it appropriate to wearing broken wrist watches in public gathering? Few weeks ago I came across two young men that I so much admired their wrist watches. None of their watches was working despite the fact that they look beautiful on them. Few days ago, I met another two young men. One was in a hangout while the other was in a cab.

This time, none of their watches was also working, they are just piece of metal wrist band. The one in the cab with me wore a Police watch but I quickly noticed that it was a fake Police watch. He looked at my watch but he had no idea that I have already seen his watch. He was desperate to set his phone’s time at that moment. What he did was to hide his watch under his bag and then asked me for the time. Embarrassing right?

The other guy’s watch caught my attention because it looked exactly like NAVIFORCE BOSEBAY. When I requested to take a closer look at his watch, he quickly responded “Boss, it is not working o”.

Good wrist watches give us the confidence to flaunt our left wrist anytime we wear them. Where is the confidence when we dress wonderfully but our watches wouldn’t run? What makes people to compliment our watches is its craftsmanship. When someone admires one’s watch, their next move would be to feel how one’s watch works.

In a situation where a random person fell in love with your wrist watch at first sight, they might be eager to see the workings of the watch before they can go ahead to add it in their wish list. How do you think they would feel when you tell them that it doesn’t work? Your liver don cut right?

Of course they will feel disappointed at the moment. If someone has made up his or her mind to buy same watch you wear, they will quickly change their mind. So, we don’t have to give people wrong impressions of what we wear especially when it concerns timekeeping and wrist watches. We wouldn’t want to turn down our job interviewer when they fondly ask us to tell us the time from our beautiful looking watch.

If one buys a wrist watch worth thousands of Naira and it stops running. Do I just discard it because it no longer keep time? It is either we find the problem from watch repairer and fix it or we replace them either by swapping it with watch repairer’s or buying a brand new one.

Watches we sell on Viogle store are offered 1 year warranty from our brand partners while most of their batteries are original SONY battery that can last up to 2 years. If one buy wrist watches from flea markets or street at a very too good to be true prices then he/she shouldn’t expect them to last so long. High priced watches must have provisions for at least two years movement warranty.

Metal Bracelets are very good wrist accessories than watches that give false impression only to find out that they are just for fashion purpose. Wearing broken wrist watch is even safer at night clubs than formal events. Confidence is in wearing wrist watches that actually work. The truth is that we don’t encourage using stuff that doesn’t work. They don’t tell nice about our personality.

We hope you found this article helpful. Shoot us some questions or personal contributions, we would be happy to see them. Don’t forget to share to your best friends on social media below.

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