Wrist Watch Buying Guides – Things to consider when buying Watches

Please before you proceed reading this article, I would recommend you take a look at our earlier watch guide on A to Z Guides about Watches. You will learn a lot from understanding basic knowledge about watches and their components.

In this article, you will learn some wrist watch buying guides before you head over to purchasing wrist watches either on our store or some watch retail stores.

Wrist Watch Buying Guide

1. Purpose

wrist watch buying guides
A business dress watch

It is always a smart idea to have a picture of whatever we intend buying for ourselves. This will help to define our own purpose of buying that particular thing.

In wrist watches, there are lots of purposes why someone would want to own a new watch. It could be to complement one’s business dress, work, sporty events, casual wears. It ranges from different categories of watches.

wrist watch buying guides
Wearing a G shock watch on a casual blazer

Remember, you may not necessarily wear a Casio G-Shock sports watch alongside your business dress suit. It really look awkward in an official gathering. So, every single watch fits different purposes.

If it is a business dress watch that you need, then you go for a business or a more formal wrist watch. Although, there are some multi purpose wrist watches that work in many occasions. You can as well go for them.

2. Material

wrist watch buying guide
Watch materials / Source Burst by Shopify

Watch material is one of the best considerations when buying wrist watches. The material could be watch band or case. A watch band could either be pure gold, gold plaited, stainless steel, rubber or even wooden band.

It all depends on what material will best fit your taste and appearance. Some people are allergic to Nickel. Nickel is used for making stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant alloys. It is an alternative to wrist bands without pure gold and diamond bracelets.

A gold watch band will not contain nickel while gold plaited bracelets, stainless steel bracelets have small percentages of nickel. Nickel is entirely not bad but since some people are very sensitive to Nickel, their tolerance to is lower now than that specified in the regulation. So even if the watches do pass the regulation, they would still trigger allergy reaction in those people.

If you are allergic to Nickel, rubber and wooden band are perfect alternative to those metal bracelets.

When it comes to watch case, the commonest case are from Stainless steel, varying karat Gold, Diamond-like Carbon, Platinum and of course wood. It is left for you to choose what will be perfect for your wrist.

3. Wrist size

wrist watch buying guides
Watch case sizes for different wrists / Source – Esslinger blog

The watch case size determines how well fit the watches would be on our wrists. Basically, women have lowest case size. Nobody would like to look irritating by the oversize watch case covering the entire wrist without giving one enough breathing space.

Before you buy watches, make sure to study the dial diameter and case thickness then compare them with your wrist size. They give better impression on how well your watches will fit.

Also, consider the case style. Should it be round, oval, square or rectangle. These case styles are dependent on your wrist size. If you have a smaller wrist, rectangular case might be a bad idea. Rectangle case styles are perfect on wrist size from 40mm and above.

4. Movements

Forsining Automatic watch
Forsining Automatic watch

Movement is one of the important wrist watch buying guides. It is exactly the same consideration when buying a car – Do I buy an Automatic engine or Manual drive engine?

Same consideration applies when buying wrist watches. There are basically three wrist watch movements.

  1. Quartz movement
  2. Mechanical movement
  3. Automatic movement.

These movements determines the workings of the watch. Mechanical and Automatic movement powers their mechanism without using battery while Quartz movement uses battery to keep time. We have shared detailed explanations on Watch movements.

The major differences between these three movements are that Quartz movement is more accurate than others and requires less maintenance including battery replacements.

On the other hand, Mechanical and Automatic movement require more maintenance than Quartz movements and less accurate.

5. Water Resistance

Another important consideration when buying a new wrist watch is checking whether your new watch is resistant to water splash. Having a nice looking wrist watch is important but making sure that it is water resistant is importanter.

Already water resistance has levels of their resistivity or waterproof ability. The levels range from 30meter dept(3ATM) to 100meter or even more. The average water resistant watches in our store are 30M and 50M.

naviforce water resistant

The water resistance in wrist watches shouldn’t be overrated. These levels, 30M, 50M, 100M and even 500M indicates the water level watches can hold. For a 30M and 50M water resistant watches, they could be used to watch hands or under the rain but not to be used in swimming pools or bathroom.

6. Brand

NAVIFORCE Bossman Men watch viogle

Wrist watch brands are also effective in how we choose what watches to buy. To most people, brand tells more about what one wears and how people perceive its value.

It is good to choose brand who has proven to their customer with both quality and reliability. Random watches have no story to tell.

Choose brands that have shown reputations for several years and proven reliable from how customers have perceived how well their watches work, adherence to warranty, water resistance and functional complications.

We hope you found this article helpful. Shoot us some questions or personal contributions, we would be happy to see them. Don’t forget to share to your best friends on social media.

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